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Tune Up Your Tone

Today’s WWW is about fine-tuning your tone in your work.

Generally, tone is usually informal or formal. An informal tone of voice is what you would use when talking to friends or family, while a formal tone would be used in more professional settings. In either case, your tone could be conveyed in speech or writing.

For most types of writing, you would be using a formal tone. Obviously, there are times when an informal tone can be appropriate — for example, in text messages to those close to you or in certain types of creative work. However, most of the time what we write is for school or work, which requires a formal tone.

A few things to consider when making sure your tone is appropriate are:

– Refrain from using contractions (e.g., can’t, don’t) excessively

– Try to vary sentence length (think last week’s WWW)

– Never use shorthand for formal work

Therefore, if you you are a completing research paper, compiling a resume, or composing a work email, ensure that your tone measures up to the formalities and expectations of written communication for the setting you are in.

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