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Tackle the Typos

Today’s WWW is to tackle the typos. Since this one is pretty straightforward, I won’t have a whole lot to say (:

Typographical errors, or typos, are simply misspelled, misused, or mistyped words, letters, and numbers in written text. These types of errors tend to occur when you think too fast while you’re writing or when you’re writing under pressure.

One way to deal with typos is to be intentional while you write. If you’re not in a hurry, take time to write your down your ideas at a slower pace. It might take longer to do upfront, but it might save you proofreading time later. Another related method could be to plan what you want to write in phrases first and then build sentences from those ideas later. At this point, you could employ the use of a dictionary or a spellchecker as you go over each sentence. Of course, if all of that is not your cup of tea, you could also reach out to someone else who can review your work for you – maybe a proofreader/editor like me!

Overall, close reviews of your writing can eliminate typos during and after you’ve created a sentence, paragraph, or full text. So be confident that you can tackle those typos!

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