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Spice Up Your Sentence Structure

The WWW for today is to spice up your sentence structure.

Sentence structure refers to the way sentences are built. It is grounded in grammar and mechanics, but sentence structure is also related to the length of each sentence.

Sentence structure has the ability to make or break your work. If your sentences are too short, your thoughts may seem choppy and robotic. For example:

I went to the store. I bought eggs. I got some bacon. I paid for those items. I left the cereal.

On the contrary, if sentences are too long, you run the risk of creating a run-on sentence or causing the reader to get lost in or distracted by what you are saying. For example:

I went to the store and got some eggs and bacon and then paid for the food but left the cereal.

For the most balance, ease of flow, and best understanding, your sentence structure should vary, like this:

I went to the store. I got eggs and bacon and then paid for the food. However, I left the cereal because I forgot to get it.

Therefore, the best way to deal with sentence structure is to ensure that your sentences are not only grammatically correct, but there is a balance of long and short sentences to best express your ideas.

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