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Prioritize Your Voice

When it comes to writing anything, it is paramount that the voice the reader “hears” is yours. This means that when the reader looks at what you have written, they know or can figure out that each word and sentence has been intentionally chosen by you.

The writer’s voice is one of proofRaed’s major realms of focus. Whenever I proofread and edit my clients’ work, I constantly keep their voice in mind. I always try to get clarification on their ideas before I edit something out that will damage or diminish the presence of their voice.

This is why prioritizing your voice matters so much in writing: it is an instant reflection of you. Having and using your own voice in your work (e.g., a resume, a research paper, a personal statement for college admission, etc.) can reveal other attributes about yourself other than only your level of education or your writing style in general. Your voice can identify your personality, critical thinking skills, attention to detail, values/morals — the list goes on. Through your voice, you are also giving yourself opportunities to build and foster new ideas for other authors to work upon (in academia or research, for example) and grant others access to your perspective on facets of your life journey such as school, family, and work (in personal or creative pieces, for example). Therefore, by establishing your voice in a written piece, you authenticate your writing and yourself as being unique.

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