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Find Your Flow

This WWW won’t be too long, but its focus is about finding your flow when you write.

In general, a piece of written work with good flow has great sentence structure and variety as well as consistent ideas — a few things I have talked about in other WWWs thus far. This means that, on the surface, readers have little to no difficulty understanding what you are saying in your text.

With that in mind, it is important for you to determine what your personal writing flow is. If you meet the above requirements for flow in your work, but the work doesn’t sound like something you would write, you have “technical” flow without “personal” flow.

Your writing flow also has a lot to do with your writing voice, which I have discussed in a previous WWW as well. Once you have found your voice, you can identify your flow and situate that flow based on the type of writing you’re trying to do.

Other than knowing your voice in writing, you too can find your flow by paying attention to your writing patterns. You know how you tend to write, from the types of words you are drawn to using to how you start or end your sentences. If you could pick out your work without your name being attached to it, then you would have at least some awareness of your writing flow.

Overall, it does take practice and mindfulness to assess your writing to discover your personal flow, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away. If you need help with this, remember that I can help! Feel free to contact me through or!

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