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Be Consistent

The focus of this Wise Writing Wrinkle is to be consistent. Having consistency in your writing means that the reader can easily follow your terms, ideas, or formatting throughout whatever you have written. This means that consistency pertains to A LOT of aspects of writing — from simple word choice to overall content.

Here are two examples of issues with consistency:

— You write that a character’s dress is solid blue on one page and then solid red two pages later. The reader may be left wondering if that character may have had a wardrobe change that you did not mention or why the dress is two different colors at the same time.

— Your cover letter mentions that you have excellent attention to detail. However, your resume uses an abbreviated month-date format for your job experiences but a full month-date format for your education. Seeing this, the application reviewer might feel differently about how well you are focused on details.

So as you can see, consistency is important! If this is a troublesome area for you, DM me on Instagram, email me at, or submit a review request through I’m happy to help shed some light on what you write!

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