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About proofRae'd Editing Services

Not all English majors like to proofread and edit other people's work. This one does.


Réven S. Widener


My history with the nitty-gritty of English and its rules goes back to elementary school. My mother and great-aunt taught English/Language Arts, and they would often critique my work for class until I finally wrote papers that neither one of them could mark up.


My true passion for proofreading and editing did not start until I went to college, where I majored in English and psychology. After taking a few English courses in my undergraduate freshman and sophomore years, I found that I was really into writing. However, I had a strong dislike for reviewing my own papers, but I absolutely loved reviewing others' papers—for fun, of all things. 

Eventually, I started proofreading and editing all kinds of work for high schoolers, coworkers, friends, family members, and even academic organizations. With all of my experiences, I knew it was time to make something bigger and brighter out of my skills—thus, proofRae'd came to be.

  • Bachelor of Arts,      Double Major, English & Psychology

  • Master of Science, Clinical Psychology

  • Master of Arts,  Professional Writing

  • Certificate, Book Publishing

Once you receive confirmation that I have received your request, submit your payment through one of the methods below if you do not receive a Square invoice:

  • Digital Publisher Content Update Editor

  • Former University-Level Literary Magazine Staff Writer and Copyeditor

  • Online Writing Tutor

  • Resume Reviewer and Creator

  • Volunteer Literary Magazine Submissions Editor

  • APA Style

  • MLA Style

  • Content & Creative Writing

  • Copyediting

  • Editing

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing

  • Proofreading

  • Social Media Management


Areas of Expertise


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